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Local, State, and National Happenings

  • Congratulations to the $10,000 winners of the Lexus Eco Challenge, a national competition designed to encourage students to be environmental leaders in their community. The team of 8th graders from SCAPA Bluegrass 'Hydro Heroes' was named the winner of the Land/Water division for 2017-18. These Heroes are concerned about the environmental impact of disposable plastic water bottles. They will go on to the Final Challenge in 2018 which awards the school and teacher advisor another $30,000. #morehope for the future of our planet!
  • In December, the Sierra Club/Bluegrass sponsored a bus from Louisville and Lexington to Charleston, West Virginia for people to attend the EPA hearing on the repeal of the Clean Power Plan adopted by the Obama administration in 2015. I was one of 20 people on the bus which was full of committed folks with a variety of stories regarding their work for environmental justice. There was even a French journalist who was travelling around the United States conducting interviews with people regarding the environment and climate change! Another y our woman (my bus buddy) represented the KFTC.
  • Kentuckians For the Commonwealth (KFTC) is a statewide, grassroots, citizens' organization working to build New Power in Kentucky and the nation. According to their recently adopted platform, New Power consists of a new economy, a diverse homegrown economy good for all people and one that sustains workers, communities, and the environment. This includes energy that is clean, renewable, affordable, and generates jobs.

One goal of KFTC is helping people participate. This was evident as members testified at the only EPA public hearing in Charleston in December. The two-day hearing was held to gather public input on the proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan adopted by the previous administration and set to be undone by the current CPA administrator. The CPP "simply makes sure that fossil fuel-fird power plants will operate more cleanly and efficiently, while expanding the capacity for zero- and low-emitting power sources.

The final rule is the result of unprecedented outreach to states, tribes, utilities, stakeholders, and the public, including more than 4.3 million comments EPA received on the proposed rule. The final Clean Power Plan reflects that input, and gives states and utilities time to preserve ample, reliable and affordable power for all Americans." (source: EPA website)

A few of the national groups represent and testifying at the hearing include Moms Clean Air Force, Union of Concerned Scientists, and the American Lung Association. Coal miners in their hardhats and jumpsuits were out in force but did not speak. Coal executives did.

#let'sworktogethertosaveourplanet, #getinvolved