This group comes together to JOYfully take trips out and about within a half day journey from Lexington.  In the mid-1980s, Woodland Christian Church purchased a passenger van for transportation for members to worship and other church events; take our kids to camp, and outings by various other church groups.  JOY was formed and has been taking trips on the second Wednesday of most months every since.  For a long time, those trips were always out of town to a place where there was something interesting to see or do.they have made trips to Cincinnati, Louisville, Augusta, Monterey, Frankfort, Danvile, Yosemite, Cane Ridge, Wheeling, Shaker Village, Berea, on and on.  We have seen gardens, museums, gift shops, printing presses, camps, natural beauty, historical sites, glass factories, a couple of remarkable tunnels, charming towns and villages, wonderful scenery and gracious people.  And, we always EAT!

Around 2004, Woodland Christian Church sold the van.  We now rent a van for out of town trips.  We take some trips closer to home and use local transportation.  We loved using the LexTran Trolley when they were operating.  We use local buses from time to time and sometimes just carpool even though we have a lot of fun being in the same van together.  We do like to visit, laugh, and enjoy the company of each other and EATing together.  We have favorite places we return to yearly or every other year or so.  Everyone pays for their own lunch and contributes to the expense for gas.  A few times there have been angels who paid for the lunches anonymously and we never know who, but have enjoyed the surprise when there was no bill.  Everyone spreads joy for JOY!

We receive money as designated funds in our church budget to use for rental expenses.  We have had generous donors who have added to that fund to help with expenses.  The rest we raise ourselves from the sale of the cloth gift bags we make.

All are welcome to JOYn our trips on the second Wednesday of each month!  We have had people from five years old to 90 years old join us.  We have men and women join us.  We have church members and friends join us.  So, come if you want and JOYn us for a lovely time of fellowship, good food, fun places, and wonderful scenery . . . it waits for you!


Wednesday, July 10, JOY will head to Danville to have lunch at the Grace Cafe.  The Grace Cafe is a non-profit, pay-what-you-can community restaurant which is committed to ending hunger in their community by providing access to delicious, fresh, locally sourced, nutritious food for everyone in their community regardless of their ability to pay.

After lunch we will head to the Ephraim McDowell Museum.  The museum is a restored and furnished house museum with a historic pharmacy and two gardens!  It is a National Historic Landmark where medical history was made.  The McDowell House is the former home and office of pioneering surgeon Dr. Ephraim McDowell.

Meet at the church by 10:30 am; returning by 4:00 pm.  When you know you will be JOYning us, please tell Dorothy Drury or Jackie Diachun.