New Life in Christ Church (Disciples of Christ)

Worshipping at New Life in Christ – New Life in Christ Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is a congregation inside the Diersen House, a halfway house for women, located in Louisville, Kentucky.  Some of the women have been previously incarcerated and the Diersen House is a next step before re-entry back into full society.  Some of the women have been sentenced to serve their time not in prison, but in the Diersen House.

Each Tuesday evening, members and pastors from Disciples congregations throughout Kentucky come to join in and lead worship.

Woodland members will be invited to join the current pastor when he/she preaches at the Diersen House.  Group attended worship over the past years and it was a very powerful and humble experience.  If you would like to join our pastor, please let the church office know.

Next Date for Worship:  TBD