Green Chalice ChurchWoodland – A Certified Green Chalice Church

From planting our gardens with native and pollinator plants to using our sturdy dishware and silverware, Woodland has long been conscious about creation care. We are part of 150+ ministries that are living out our faith by caring for God’s creation by connecting our Christian faith, spiritual practice, and creation consciousness in order to demonstrate the fullness of God’s shalom.

Becoming A Certified Green Chalice Church

As congregations make three changes in their church practices, they are encouraged to work toward becoming a ‘Certified’ Green Chalice church. This new level of creation care involves making changes in all areas of the church’s life, including building and grounds, education, worship, and practices. After two years of diligent efforts, Woodland earned the ‘Certified’ designation in 2015.

We continue our care for creation, collecting 400 pounds of plastic lids, enough to have two benches made from them! Using Fair Trade coffee, cloth napkins, non-toxic cleaners, organic weed control, installing CFL light-bulbs, and having a bicycle rack made from old bike parts are some of the ways Woodland combines our faith, spiritual practice, and awareness of the environment.

Our congregation encourages and provides opportunities for all who walk through our doors to walk more gently on the earth by providing recycling bins on the main floor.


Worship times: Sunday mornings at 10AM

Woodland Christian Church
1390 Olivia Ln #110 | Lexington, Kentucky 40511

Office Hours 8:30-1:30 M-Th